Top 5 Best Flowers to Say Thank You

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Top 5 Best Flowers to Say Thank You

Show someone your appreciation with a thoughtful gift that can best deliver your message of gratitude. Count on the language of flowers to help you send your warmest thanks to someone who did something nice for you. Whether you’re saying “thank you” for a kind gesture or for a memorable experience, fresh flowers can convey your heartfelt appreciation.

Here are five of the best Thank You flowers that you can give to family, friends and loved ones to communicate gratitude. We have also included sample thank you messages that we think will go well together with the flower.


This showy flower is available in a range of colours with plenty of variations. A bloom that expresses positivity and represents understanding and patience, the common Camellia or Camellia japonica can also communicate gratitude. Pick the white camellia to express appreciation to someone who has always been kind to you or to someone who seems to have always understood you.

Message: “Your understanding and encouragement have such a profound impact on my life. Thank you for always being generous with your time and love. I am blessed to have you as a friend and I will never get tired of your company.”


Roses in a more intense shade of pink are said to signify gratitude and appreciation. You can never go wrong with the elegance and expressiveness of roses so your sincerest thanks will surely be delivered by a bouquet of dark pink roses.

Message: “Thank you for everything. You are a rare find and I will always be thankful for having you in my life.”


See how hydrangea’s small flowers bloom close to each other? That’s a factor why this beautiful blossom is said to symbolise friendship. Hydrangea flowers look like friends that stick together. If you want to thank a friend for always being there and for sticking with you when times get hard, hydrangeas would make the perfect thank you flower gift.

You can send hydrangeas not only as a bouquet but also as a potted flowering plant. This way, the recipient gets to be reminded of your heartfelt appreciation for many years.

Message: “Thanks for being my constant! You’re the shoulder I can always depend on and for that I am so thankful.”


When expressing gratitude for a gift or a favour, lisianthus can help deliver the message. This flower that’s available in practically every colour would make a fantastic gift to communicate appreciation. Instead of sending a thank you card, send a bouquet of showy lisianthus to thank a friend for her help or support.

Along with gratitude, you can also convey wishes of success, wealth, and peace through a lisianthus flower gift.

Message: “You have a beautiful spirit and I am always moved by your kindness. Thank you for being my friend!”


Lathyrus odoratus or Sweetpea, this flower is associated with gratitude and departure. If you’re looking for a gift to give to a colleague who’s leaving, a bouquet with sweet pea flowers would make a thoughtful present to say thank you and goodbye. Gifting someone with sweet pea flowers would also mean thanking them for a quality time or expressing appreciation for their presence.

Message: “Working with you is such a blessing. Thank you for being an inspiration and a great co-worker. I’m looking forward to your success and hope to see you again.”


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