Top 10 Flowers To Keep Your Garden Blooming in Autumn

Flower Guru

Keep your outdoor space looking fresh and pretty even when the temperature drops by choosing the right autumn-flowering plants. Here is Eufloria’s list of top plants that can brave the cold and wind and survive the autumn weather to give your garden a splash of colour.

ASTER. Available in different shapes, sizes and colours, this neat and long-flowering plant is the perfect perennial that will bring life and colour to your yard year-round.

CHRYSANTHEMUM MEI-KYO. This particular chrysanthemum variety produces small, double flowers with yellow center and rosy pink petals. It has fragrant, dark green foliage. A lovely cut flower, this full-sun blossom thrives in autumn when grown on moist but well-drained clay, loamy or sandy soil.

CYCLAMEN. The hardy Cyclamen hederifolium is a well-loved flower that comes in beautiful colours of white, red and pink shades. This blossom looks gorgeous on pots or under trees. When little else is flowering in early spring or late winter, you’ll see the hardy cyclamen still thriving and ready to liven up your garden.

DAHLIA AUTUMN LUSTRE. This particular Dahlia species has a fairly long flowering season starting from summer to autumn. It produces showy flowers in orange ombre where the shade darkens towards the centre. The Dahlia “Autumn Lustre” grows best in fertile and humus-rich soil that’s well-drained.

EUCHARIS. Looking like a daffodil, this fragrant flower with a broad green stalk has a central cup adorned with an inflorescence of about 3 to 10 flowers. Eucharis, also known as Amazon Lily, can be grown all year round although they typically bloom in spring, summer and autumn. This flower needs full sun, regular watering, and a loamy soil that’s moist but well-drained. Generally pest and disease-free, this low-maintenance plant is an ideal patio or container plant.

HESPERANTHA. Ready to give you graceful pink or red flowers up until Christmas Day, Hersperanthas or Schizostylis or Kaffir Lilies will thrive happily in normal garden conditions. For brighter flowers and stronger stems, a good fertiliser is all you need.

JAPANESE ANEMONE. Give your garden an elegant look in autumn with this beautiful Japanese-type anemone that grows at nearly a metre high and with vivid flowers in snow white to deep pink and purple. Perfect for borders, coastal and cottage gardens, this long-blooming flower will thrive on a rich, evenly moist and well-drained soil on a sunny spot or dappled shade.

PANSY. Available in a full spectrum of colours, in different sizes and forms, in scented or unscented varieties. This bloom thrives on cool weather and is prized as autumn bedding plant. Pansies prefer full sun or partial shade, on a moist soil. When planting pansies in November, plant them closer to each other.

PHYSALIS. Also known as Chinese Lantern Plant, this hardy perennial produces lantern-like flowers in golden shades of orange. Guaranteed to make your garden look delightful in autumn, this plant will thrive on a container set in a spot with enough sunlight. The soil needs to be rich and moist, well-drained and never soggy. Before winter, harvest the flowers and place the Physalis lantern branches in a clean vase with clean water.

VERBENA. This wonderful plant brings clusters of lavender-purple flowers that attract bees and butterflies. It prefers sunny conditions but can tolerate semi-shade. A versatile and easy to grow plant, this perennial will surely bring a graceful touch of colour to your garden.

See? You don’t have to rely simply on autumn trees to bring colour to your garden during fall. Choose the right flowering plants and your outdoor space won’t be grey and dull after summer and before winter. And of course, you can always rely on Eufloria’s bunches of fresh flowers to bring life, colour and beauty to your home no matter the season.


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