Not Your Typical Romance Flowers

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Not Your Typical Romance Flowers

Trying to find the most impressive bouquet to sweep your sweetheart off her feet? Let’s help you find the perfect flowers for the woman you love.

A rose is romantic; yes, we agree. But there are many other equally romantic flowers that are more unusual that when you select them, your gift becomes more personal. We believe that one way to a woman’s heart is showing how well you know her. So instead of picking the easiest, more popular choice which is a bouquet of red roses, exert some extra effort to get a floral arrangement that features her favourite flowers, favourite colours, favourite scent. Go the extra mile in finding that one charming bouquet that represents her style or her personality. A gift that’s unique and personal is clearly a gift that you send from your heart to hers.

So what are these romantic flowers aside from the typical red rose? Read on and find out.


Beautiful orchids with exotic appeal are guaranteed to win her heart. This tropical blossom exudes refinement, stand-out beauty, and irresistible charm. Although this flower has a reputation of being difficult to grow (not actually difficult, it’s just simply different), many still choose to care for one. The weekly watering, filtered light, monthly fertilizer feeding, and moving to a cooler area at night are all worth it once an orchid produces plenty of large blossoms.

Giving a bouquet of elegant purple orchids accented with pale pink flowers and verdant foliage shows your admiration for the recipient’s beauty, your respect for her unique personality, and your wholehearted willingness to accept the recipient for who she is.


This flower symbolises young love and constancy perfect for telling your sweetheart how well you remember and value the love that you share. A great gift to celebrate a love that’s forever - one that started with young love and bloomed into years and years of togetherness.

Impress your beloved with an amazing bouquet of indigo-blue hyacinth or deep magenta-pink Woodstock hyacinths. If what you want to celebrate is the start of a new beginning like the birth of your child, give your wife an arresting ensemble of pink, purple and white hyacinths to symbolize a fresh, bright start.


A flower that stands for aspiration, stargazer lilies are the flowers to give to your partner whom you see as a natural go-getter.

Celebrate her dynamic, ambitious, and confident personality with this a stargazer lily bouquet. Such gift will tell her that you also value her sense of achievement and that you completely understand that she loves you just as passionately as she loves her work.


Express how happy you are being with your partner by surprising her with a bouquet of fresh pink tulips. Your gift will definitely make her blush and give her that “lucky-in-love” feeling.

A pink tulip bouquet would also make a romantic gift to surprise her on her first day on the job or to congratulate her on a career promotion.

Opt for a bouquet arrangement of light pink and white tulip flowers when sending a surprise gift just because or when you simply want to show her your affection.

The rose may be the widely accepted flower of love but it’s not the only blossom that can convey tender affection. Give these other romantic flowers a try and see that it won’t take much to make your love for someone special truly stand out.



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