Flower Travel: Spending Spring in Europe

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Flower Travel: Spending Spring in Europe

Plan a travel trip to Europe in spring and get to enjoy its pleasant weather and the magnificence of its blooming flowers. Here are the top European locations where you can see the best blossoms sprouting up their heads and showing off their glorious beauty.

Tulips in Lisse, Holland

Europe won’t be Europe without tulips. Travel to Holland and luxuriate in tulip heaven. Get ready for a view of more than seven million flowers blooming in springtime at the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse. That’s a rainbow of blossoms right before your eyes. The Keukenhof Gardens is open daily beginning mid-March to early May.

Cherry blossoms in Bonn, Germany

Take a trip to the Nordstadt neighborhood in Bonn, Germany and immerse yourself in a community lined with pink trees. The best spot is the Heerstrasse or the Cherry Blossom Avenue – a photographer’s favourite.  This picturesque area exudes a romantic vibe with its pink boughs spreading over cobblestone streets; definitely worthy of a stroll with your special someone. The best time to visit is sometime between April and May.

Hydrangeas in Azores, Portugal

Check out Blue Island in Faial, one of the small nine islands that make up the Azores.  Nicknamed such because of the presence of blue hydrangeas, this island explodes with hydrangea beauty that’s sure to soothe your soul. The island is extremely fertile and acidic making it perfect for breeding hydrangeas.

Poppies in Tuscany, Italy

Go to the iconic Val d’Orcia region in Tuscany for a marvelous view of poppies in bloom. This charming Tuscan countryside gives you the opportunity to stay in an 18th century villa on a hilltop, wake up to birds singing, watch the sun rising over mountains, and breathe in the scent of fresh flowers blooming beautifully on carefully tended gardens. Stay for a week so you have enough time to savor the majestic splendor of this area. Don’t forget to take plenty of photos of yourself with the picturesque rolling hills and Tuscan landscape as your backdrop. Red poppy heads show off their eye-catching glory sometime during the months of April or May so make sure you schedule your visit around this time.

Bluebells in England

From late April to late May, mass of native bluebells can be seen in the woodlands around UK. Covering footpaths and bridleways in the 5,000 acre Ashrdige estate in Chiltern Hills on Buckinhamshire border are fragile bluebells beaming with grace and beauty. You can also catch bluebells in Hampstead Heath in London, Tintern Abbey in Wales, The Clent Hills in Worcestershire, and Sheffield Park and Garden in East Sussex.

Wild Orchids in Gargano, Italy

Each spring you’ll see the Gargano National Park filled with wildflowers. Over 2,000 species of plants are present with a high concentration of wild orchid species. If you’re a lover of wildflowers or orchids in particular, plan at least a 3-night stay to fully explore this flower-rich peninsula in Puglia. Schedule your visit late April through May when many wildflower species are in full bloom and fragrant citrus blossoms fill the air.

Lavender in Provence, France

Visit this fragrant area in France and watch what it can do for your body, mind and spirit. As you explore pretty lavender plateaus, you’ll find your mood to improve and your spirit be filled with good vibes. The best time to go is in June to avoid large crowds of tourists and holiday-goers.

Sunflowers in South of France

By late June through July, the lavender fields in Provence get complemented by vivid fields of sunflowers. It’s scenery you won’t forget so make sure you pass by the road between Saint-Remy-de-Provence and Noves or the D942 road between the cities of Avignon and Carpentras.

Spring inspires transformation and growth. Make the most of this season and take it as an opportunity to get closer with nature. Let spring’s warmth nurture and warm your heart and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit making you all ready for positive changes and new beginnings. 


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