​Best Valentine’s Day Flowers and Gift Pairing

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Best Valentine’s Day Flowers and Gift Pairing

Best Valentine’s Day Flowers and Gift Pairing

It’s that time of the year when hearts are blooming and love is what everybody’s feeling. Cupid is coming, are you ready? Prepare early for Valentine’s Day and decide today what special gift you’ll give to the love of your life. For sure, a V-day bouquet is part of the plan. But you may want to consider a little extra something for your beloved to open and enjoy. Here’s a list of ideas for gifts that will go perfectly well with a hand-arranged bouquet of her favourite flowers. 

Flowers + Chocolates

What better way to sweeten those dreamy blooms further than to pair them with a box of scrumptious chocolates. A tried-and-true performer during the season of love, chocolates are undoubtedly good for the heart. They do not simply make hearts flutter; they, the dark ones in particular, actually help in restoring the flexibility of arteries which means reduced chances of strokes and heart attack. So the next time you think of buying your lady flowers, consider adding a box of chocolates not just to make your flower gift sweeter but also to wish your beloved a healthier life so you can love her for longer.

Flowers + Teddy Bear + Balloon

This trio is a classic! Preferred by lovers of all ages, bouquets paired with balloons and a cuddly teddy bear never fail to make both young and mature hearts all giddy inside. Teddy bears and balloons, given their association with children,  somewhat symbolise that innocent, unguarded heart that’s “in love.” You know, that that all-consuming, all-or-nothing, deep and powerful feeling of falling for someone else. Re-ignite that young-love connection through a Valentine’s Day gift ensemble of fresh flowers, balloons and a teddy bear and see how such simple present rekindles romance in your relationship.

Flowers + Wine

Celebrate your journey of love with a bottle of your sweetheart’s favourite bubbly. This pairing is the best choice, too, when planning a romantic date at home. Rose wines, with or without bubbles, appear to be the top choice for heart’s day. But then again, you can pick one that suits your and your partner’s taste best. Whether you pick a bottle for easy-going food pairing or to try something new to sip and share, your wine-and-flowers gift is guaranteed to set the mood for a romantic meal and a romantic night with your significant other.  

Flowers + Perfume

You can count on the natural fragrance of fresh flowers to throw the scent of love in the air. But you can also just add a perfume gift together with your bouquet so you can restock her favourite scent or get her something new to like. If your lady doesn’t have a go-to scent, you can surprise her with a nice fragrance that reminds you of her. Sweet, woody fragrances are generally preferred by those with a conservative personality. Passionate and glamorous ladies prefer scents with floral tones. A rich floral scent or a fragrance that’s spicy and fresh would suit a woman with a strong and bold personality.

Flowers + Fine Jewelry

The ultra-luxe partner to a radiant bouquet of flowers, jewelry always makes a great gift. You don’t really have to get a brilliant 1 carat diamond solitaire pendant in 14K white gold to impress your girl. Even a mini letter charm pendant with tiny white diamonds can make her eyes sparkle and her heart skip a beat. What will matter is the thought behind the present. Jewelry is timeless and meaningful and it’s definitely not cheap wherein you can buy one for anyone. So giving your special someone a piece of fine jewelry no matter the size, carat weight, or intensity of sparkle means giving something so precious – a lasting gift that will be cherished for many, many years.

Flowers + Personalised Gift

But if you want to build a stronger personal connection with the lady who holds the key to your heart, pick a gift that will not just impress her. Give a gift that will speak to her personally and that will also epitomize how you feel about her.  A personalised gift is something that’s customised or made especially for the recipient. It’s not just some item that you plucked from a store shelf or picked from an online catalogue. Personalised gifts show even more thought because you actually put more time and effort in selecting it, making it look distinctive, and giving it personality or meaning. Examples of personalised gifts include:

  • Customised portraits
  • Love letter cufflinks
  • Photobooks
  • Love book or scrapbook
  • Personalised jewelry
  • Customised art prints/artwork
  • Her favourite perfume with her name engraved on it
  • Love notes (or letters) for a month kept in a glass jar

These are just some of the things that can complement a Valentine’s Day bouquet. An extra gift can add an impact, sure, but don’t forget that your sincere heart and genuine love will always be the ones with immeasurable value.


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