7 Orange Flowers to Give Your Garden a Vibrant Glow

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Looking for a way to spruce up your garden with bold and brilliant colour? Try planting flowers with tangerine-coloured blossoms. Orange is a hue that’s confident, stimulating, cheerful, invigorating and full of vitality. For sure flowers in this red-yellow combination colour will bring a welcoming warmth and positive energy to your green space.

Apart from garden staples like roses, chrysanthemums and carnations that produce orange blooms, here are other garden plants with totally tangerine and totally rejuvenating flowers.


Begonias make truly spectacular garden flowers. They look like roses given their packed rows of petals but they have their own visual appeal. They are shade loving, easy to grow, showy, and care-free.  Ready to give you continuous colour throughout summer, begonias are guaranteed to liven up your front yard or backyard. Easy to care for whether planted in containers, beddings, or hanging baskets, begonias will grow well in partial shade, on moist but well-drained soil. If you have tricky shade areas in your garden, plant orange begonias in that area to add long-lasting colour.

Orange Begonias to plant: Nonstop Orange, Orange Rubra, Apricot Shades, Esme Peach,


Light up a dark and shady part in your yard with impatiens. Also known as Busy Lizzies, impatiens flower have all the patience to brighten up borders, containers and beds in shady sites. This bloom can’t tolerate heat and do not like hot direct sun and dry soils. Very sensitive, and impatient, to lack of water, they will wilt quickly when not planted on moist (but well-draining) soil.

If you love the beauty and colour that impatiens bring but your garden gets strong sunshine, try the New Guinea impatiens that can tolerate sun for up to half a day.

Orange Impatiens to plant:  Infinity Orange, Lollipop Orange, SunPatiens Compact Electric Orange, Impatiens walleriana Orange Star,


Tiger lily, fire lily, orange lily – the Lilium bulbiferum is an undemanding flowering plant with ultra showy brilliant orange flowers. The wide-open, upward-facing blossoms come with almost red petal tips and dark chocolate raised spots. Fast-growing and strong, Orange Lilies will grow and multiply without too much fuss. Great as a border plant, orange lilies grow best in full sun or part shade on a well-drained soil with good moisture.

Add not just a vibrant pop of colour to your garden but also some drama with the elegant and delicate shape of orange lilies.

Orange lilies to plant: Lilium bulbiferum var. croceum, Lilium bulbiferum var. chaixii


A head-turner, the heat-resistant Lantana can give your garden a new and exciting look. Plant it in pots or containers in the patio or in front of a border and watch it bring mounds of vibrant red-yellow-orange flowers. You’ll love Lantana for its sunset colours and self-sustaining character. This member of the verbena family is a subtropical garden bloomer that attracts bees and butterflies. Highly decorative, Lantana will flower in spring, summer and fall when given full sun and grown outdoors in fertile and moist but well-drained soil.

Lantana cultivars to plant: Miss Huff, Esperanta Red


Extremely easy to grow, pansy is a favourite of many gardeners. It’s elegant yet cheerful-looking at the same time.  Pansies are happy in fertile, moist and well-drained soil, in sun or part-shade, in containers or borders. Available in single and double forms, pansies will look extra pretty when mixed together to form a harmonious display of dainty blooms in pretty colours.

Pansy cultivars to try: Viola x wittrockiana in Deep Orange, Matrix Solar Flare Pansy, Nature Orange Pansy, Jolly Joker Pansy (orange and purple duo), Orange Blotch, Sorbet Orange Jump Up


Want to attract butterflies, too? Plant butterfly weed in your garden. Asclepias tuberosa or orange milkweed, Indian paintbrush, or butterfly weed is a nectar-rich blossom that attracts not just butterflies but also bees and lady beetles as well as hummingbirds. Butterfly weed is unlike the typical weed for it is extra showy with its clusters of golden-orange flowers.

This plant grows perfectly well in dry, rocky or clay soil as long as it’s under full sun. Not requiring fertilization, butterfly weed that’s well-watered through the first season will grow just fine when left on its own.


Give your garden some colour and a bit more character with the trumpet-shaped Campsis flowers. Also known as foxglove vine, trumpet creeper or cow vine, Campsis radicans is an aggressive, high-climbing woody vine with showy, waxy flowers clustered at the end of branches. They come in orange to reddish orange hue and would surely stand out in a garden. It blooms most when under full sun.

Campsis cultivars to try: Campsis grandiflora or Chinese Trumpet Creeper, Indian Summer

We are certain these orange-coloured flowers, when planted in your garden, will make your little outdoor space look extra uplifting, inviting and captivating. 


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