7 Christmas Flower & Plant Gifts

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7 Christmas Flower & Plant Gifts

So December’s here and it’s now the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone gets to enjoy some form of time off, be with family and loved ones, suspend their calorie counting, and reward themselves with shopping.  This festive season is also the time to connect or reconnect with loved ones far away. If you are looking for a gift to help you keep in touch with relatives abroad, Christmas flowers still make an awesome choice.

Let the festive allure of a potted poinsettia plant deliver some Christmas cheer to family, friends and loved ones far or near. A floral arrangement of red roses and carnations can equally set a Christmas mood in someone’s home. Lilies, roses and winter chrysanthemums in white can also create a magical holiday vibe. To broaden your choices, here are other Christmas flowers and plants that you can send as gifts to your loved ones.


Count on an amaryllis to brighten up any home during winter. This tall flower with stunning beauty is long-lasting, easy to plant and grow, and will provide months of bloom indoors. For the holiday season, pick a duo of amaryllis bulbs in crimson and set it in a cube pot adorned with burlap ribbon.


This crowd pleaser of a plant will give anyone’s home a boost of colour and life. Amidst this plant’s green leaves with grey underside is a lush bloom of beautiful flowers. They come in white, purple, cobalt blue, coral, lilac, red and pink shades and can also be bi-coloured. Cineraria has different varieties that feature small or large flowers. When given as a Christmas flower gift, Cineraria won’t disappoint. This flowering plant symbolises protection and delight.


The gorgeous cyclamen displays attractive leaves and pretty flowers in shades of pink, red and white.  A popular gift around the holidays, this flowering plant lasts for a long time and will bloom over and over again when given proper care.

In the language of flowers, cyclamen signify love and sincere affection. Send a cyclamen planter to someone dear and let that special person know how much you value her. 


Looking into adding something beautiful to a loved one’s blooming collection of Christmas flowers? Get that special recipient a pot of Christmas cactus. Flowering from late November to early January, the Schlumbergera can definitely bring in some holiday cheer with its flat hanging branches in glossy green and red, white, pink, purple or yellow flowers.


This isn’t your traditional rose. This flower doesn’t even belong to the rose family. The Christmas Rose or Hellebore is from the ranunculaceae family and features a sturdy stem that holds a large, bowl-shaped flower. Ready to bloom in winter, the Christmas rose makes a fantastic flowering plant gift for the holidays.

Take note that hellebores thrive best in shady beds and can only last for a day indoors when used as a cut flower.  There are about two dozen species of hellebores including double-flowered ones, speckled hellebores and purple-edged white hellebores.


Send a kiss with a mistletoe. An organic, handpicked mistletoe would make a unique and memorable present for this year’s Christmas. Send a sprig in a gift box, a mistletoe grow kit, or an outdoor wreath with mistletoe and evergreen branches.   


Deliver joy to someone’s home with a potted arrangement of long-lasting paperwhite bulbs. Narcissus tazetta Paperwhite is a charming indoor flowering plant with dazzling white blooms atop tall, green stems. Ready to make any home interior look elegant and smell festive, this fragrant flower is a gem that will surely be well-received.

Of course, your loved one’s favourite flowers would also make great Christmas presents. Shop at Eufloria today and find enchanting bouquets that can make anyone’s holiday season more special. 


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