5 Tips on Sending Birthday Flowers

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5 Tips on Sending Birthday Flowers

Birthday gift shopping can be quite tricky, but remember you can always count on a bouquet of fresh flowers to show someone how much they mean to you. At Eufloria, you can find a wide variety of birthday flowers that you can give to family and friends on their special day.

The typical choice would be a bouquet filled with the recipient’s favourite flowers. If you have no idea about the recipient’s preferred blossoms, you can opt for flowers in the recipient’s favourite colour. If you’re still clueless about that, let us help you. Here are five tips on selecting the perfect birthday flowers.

Match the bouquet with the recipient’s Birth Month flower.

Did you know that there is a specific flower associated with each of the twelve months in the calendar? Each birth month flower also carries its own special meaning.

When sending birthday flowers, you can pick a floral ensemble that features the recipient’s birth month flower. Opt to get it in bright colour or the large-head version for it to stand out.

Get a floral ensemble that represents the recipient’s personality.

Long before letters, emails, and SMS were used to communicate, the language of flowers or floriography was utilized in expressing thoughts and feelings. Yes, flowers have that unique language that can be used for symbolic communication. You can also apply floriography in identifying one’s personal.

If you know someone who’s passionate and romantic, the Rose which is the flower of love would be the blossom that would best represent that person. For someone who is full of energy and is known for infecting others with warmth and optimism, Daisies would make the perfect flower gift. Need birthday flowers for someone who’s classy and has a mysterious aura, pick a birthday flower gift with orchids or tulips or gardenias.

Send a flower arrangement that best displays the birthday message you wish to express to the recipient.

Your birthday wishes can also be represented by the bouquet you’ll send. Wish someone a year of surprises by sending peonies. Send the cheeriest birthday wish through a bouquet of sunflowers. When wishing someone prosperity and success, you can send pink stargazer lilies. For wishes of healing and tranquility, get a birthday bouquet adorned with blue hydrangeas.

Trust an expert’s creativity and pick the Florist’s Choice.

Still need help in picking the right birthday bouquet? Pick our designer’s choice and let our local florist craft a one-of-a-kind birthday flower arrangement for your loved one. This bouquet will include the season’s best and freshest flowers and foliage.

Go with a bouquet plus wine or chocolates combo.

If you’re still unsure about getting the right birthday flowers, get a bouquet paired with a bottle of red or white wine. Eufloria also has bouquets accompanied with a box of luscious chocolates. This way, you get to send two gifts and double the impact of your birthday gift.

Cut flowers may not last forever unlike other tangible birthday gifts but the impact their natural charm and distinctive language delivers will surely leave a lasting impression. Get a beautiful bouquet of handpicked birthday flowers today and send them to your family and friends through Eufloria.


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