2020 Colour of the Year In Your Garden: True Blue Flowers

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And so, it has been announced that the simple yet elegant Classic Blue is 2020’s Colour of the Year. This calm, confident and timeless hue that’s reminiscent of the sky at dusk is the restful colour that will influence this year’s colour palette in the world of fashion, home furnishings, graphic design, and even in flowers.

We can’t wait to see the gorgeous beauty of blue bridal bouquets and blue-tinged wedding flower arrangements. We can’t wait to provide you, too, with mesmerizing bouquets adorned with the most eye-catching blooms in this year’s Pantone colour of the year. If you feel like colouring your garden with blue this year, go ahead and try your green thumb on true blue floral beauties.

Blue flowers are a thing of rare beauty. The blue pigment doesn’t exist naturally in plants and so real, true blue blossoms are a gem to find. Most of the blue flowers used in bouquets and flower arrangements are actually flowers with natural purple hue. If you are looking for appealing blossoms with true blue petals, consider these flowering plant varieties.


Tiny but oh-so-pretty, these small, royal blue flowers that symbolise love and remembrance can surely make a big statement in your garden. Pick the shade-tolerant Mystosis sylvatica “Wallufer Schnitt” for outstanding deep blue blossoms.


Want to create a dreamy garden with luminescent blue flowers? Plant the Blue Donna Belladona Delphinium and watch its dramatic, ultra blue blossoms define your landscape. This warm-weather flowering plant will grow best under full sun, in a highly fertile soil. The blue flower spikes will look perfect in borders and as cut flowers.


A wonderfully blue flower with heart-shaped leaves, this popular Morning Glory variety blooms continuously from summer to fall and produces new flowers daily. A fast-growing annual vine, this plant self-seeds easily, thrives in full sun, and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. This is the perfect true blue flower to plant in a hanging basket.


With its striking blue shade and conical, grape-like form, the Grape Hyacinth or Muscari aucheri “Blue Magic” can make your garden’s beds, borders and shrub surrounds extra pretty. This plant rises up to 6 inches tall, grows best on moist but well-drained soil, and will look amazing when planted together with other flowering bulbs. Plant this in groups of at least 25 bulbs for the best visual impact.


Silky, spectacular true blue flower noted for its gorgeous sky blue hue. The Meconopsis baileyi features a large, cup-shade blossom about 3-4 inches wide with golden stamens and calming clear blue petals. Although short-lived, the Himalayan Blue Poppy flowers year after year when given proper care. Make sure to plant this in neutral to slightly acidic soil that’s also moist but well-drained. This plant that’s native to Tibet prefers part shade and wind protection.


Want a quick-blooming border flower in ocean blue colour? The trailing Lobelia Regatta Marine Blue is what you need. This variety blooms heavily during summer and will look extra stunning when planted on hanging baskets. Ready to look like a sapphire waterfall as it cascades from a hanging pot or window box, the intense Blue Lobelia is set to make your garden look and feel extra relaxing.


The hardy and drought-tolerant Centaurea cyanus “Blue Boy” or cornflower is an appealing wildflower with intense, sky-blue flowers. This plant requires little maintenance and can actually thrive in dry, sandy, clay or poor soil. Practically care-free, Blue Boy here is self-seeding and will give you dazzling true blue flowers year after year.

Plant true blue flowers in your garden this year and see how the 2020 Pantone Colour of the Year can give your little paradise a breathtaking update. 


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